HAPPY MONITORING, a reference for specialist publications in the field of geoinformation

One of the most renowned specialist publishers in German-speaking countries in the field of electrical engineering and information technology publishes specialist journals…

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HAPPY MONITORING in Zermatt. Our HAPPY COLIBRI at 1700m high!

Zermatt is a village whose name is closely linked to one of the most famous mountains in the world, the Matterhorn. The municipal administration Zermatt attaches great importance…

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HAPPY MONITORING in the spotlight at the GeoMonitoring 2022 conference

The GeoMonitoring 2022 online conference took place on March 3. More than 280 participants, experts in the field of monitoring, learned about measurement methods from geodesy,…

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HAPPY HAWK, new ambition into the future!

How to start a new year with ambition? It is very simple for us because our vision is to be the most innovative global solution to prevent people from any potential risks caused…

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HAPPY MONITORING lands in Austria with a new data center

HAPPY MONITORING is HAPPY to announce the opening of a new data center, for Austria. With the opening of a new project dedicated to the monitoring of a mountain range, we decided…

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HAPPY MONITORING is pleased to announce a new website. A notable addition is our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section which is divided into three sections: a business section,…

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HAPPY MONITORING moves to the cloud

HAPPY MONITORING has decided to migrate all servers on local cloud servers in the destinated countries to improve its performances and the global user experience of its customers.

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The amazing HAPPY COLIBRI. Small, fast, accurate, complete!

The Hummingbird “colibri” is the bird of all records. Despite its small size, it develops very fast wing movements and is capable of impressive speed peaks. It can even fly…

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A new portal for HAPPY MONITORING: changes your life!

The first question we asked ourselves was how we can provide our customer a single access point to information. Our engineer brought the answer.

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Better understand the effects of climate change with HAPPY MONITORING

On the new publication of Geomatik Schweiz our technical director, René Schnider, explains the HAPPY MONITORING project.

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