The amazing HAPPY COLIBRI. Small, fast, accurate, complete!

The Hummingbird “colibri” is the bird of all records. Despite its small size, it develops very fast wing movements and is capable of impressive speed peaks. It can even fly…

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A new portal for HAPPY MONITORING: changes your life!

The first question we asked ourselves was how we can provide our customer a single access point to information. Our engineer brought the answer.

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Better understand the effects of climate change with HAPPY MONITORING

On the new publication of Geomatik Schweiz our technical director, René Schnider, explains the HAPPY MONITORING project.

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Discover HAPPY MONITORING in two minutes

HAPPY MONITORING innovative solution is dedicated to monitor in real time any possible movement in natural landscapes or artificial structures.

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Media release – 9 February 2021

Lugano, 9 February – HAPPY MONITORING is a Swiss development expert in real-time 3D monitoring. The company represents the most modern and innovative solution dedicated to monitor…

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We anticipate the risks.

For the new year 2021, as HAPPY MONITORING we wish you all renewed energy and health. We are happy to share with you our new projects worldwide, each month during the coming…

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