Join us on April 30, 2024, at 2 p.m., for a compelling presentation by our technical director, René Schnider. Titled “The Crucial Geoinformation with HAPPY MONITORING Swiss Development Solution,” this talk will delve into the environmental applications of our pioneering GNSS technology.

Our role in global projects like the Hong Kong Airport Authority’s initiative has spotlighted our precision and innovation, culminating in significant recognitions and expansions. In 2023, we initiated a major project in Jakarta, installing the first 20 of about 1,000 sensors to monitor urban subsidence.

As industry leaders, HAPPY MONITORING continues to set standards with solutions that ensure safety and effectiveness in challenging environments. Don’t miss René’s insights into how our technology is shaping the future of environmental monitoring.

Discover GNSS Innovations with René Schnider at Oman Sustainable Week – Muscat

23 April 20242 Minutes

We’re thrilled to announce that HAPPY MONITORING will be showcasing at Oman Sustainability Week at the Swiss Pavilion, thanks to Roya International!

Join us to discover how our GNSS-based monitoring systems are setting new standards in precision and reliability. Our innovative technology ensures real-time accuracy, transforming industries and empowering projects across the globe.

Come see us at OSW 2024 to experience the future of monitoring technology, brought to you by Roya International. Whether it’s urban development, environmental monitoring, or infrastructure projects, HAPPY MONITORING provides the precision you need to succeed.

Connect with us to learn more about our solutions and how we can support your specific needs.

28 APRIL – 2 MAY