The smart monitoring

HAPPY COLIBRI makes monitoring even more easy than before. A more reliable system, a more user friendly system and a more accurate system.


HAPPY COLIBRI is a very small system, only 17,5 cm height. But it can fit even a smaller case to be used everywhere.


Thanks to its integrated GPRS and a backup internal battery, HAPPY COLIBRI represents a complete solution ideal for those seeking maximum reliability.


This new sensor of HAPPY COLIBRI is able to work with Galileo AltBoc and BeiDou-B3. This new features garanties to use something like 12 more satellities in every moment.

Small, fast, accurate, complete

HAPPY COLIBRI is a lightweight and compact real-time monitoring system that can be installed in a minute. It is suitable for emergency monitoring due to the possibility of installing an alarm and can work via 230V or photovoltaic panels.
It is equipped with a multi-frequency receiver with integrated GPRS and can use corrections from HAPPY BASE for maximum accuracy. In only 24h it is possible to get 1,5mm horizontal accuracy and 2,5mm vertical accuracy.

Still the best friend for railway monitoring

Where HAPPY EIDER was unique, was for railway monitoring. As the older system, HAPPY COLIBRI is perfect because of its small size, making possible to install the sensor right under the train and to monitor any movements.