The smart monitoring

HAPPY COLIBRI is a lightweight and compact real-time monitoring system that can be installed in a minute. It is suitable for emergency monitoring due to the possibility of installing an alarm and can work via 230V or photovoltaic panels.
It is equipped with a multi-frequency receiver with integrated GPRS and can use corrections from HAPPY BASE for maximum accuracy. In only 24h it is possible to get 1,5mm horizontal accuracy and 2,5mm vertical accuracy.


The new HAPPY COLIBRI Is capable of working with very low power consumption. In this way the sensor needs a very small set-up with no battery problems.


This new sensor of HAPPY COLIBRI is able to reach 1408 channels. This means better signal quality for a more stable working operations and a better accuracy.


Due to the integrated GPRS-module, HAPPY COLIBRI can work everywhere. It does not require any infrastructure and can send data at any moment.

A new incredible housing

One of the biggest changes of HAPPY COLIBRI is his new housing. After years of study we developed a rugged structure to protect the monitoring system: a waterproof and dustproof case made in a resistant fiberglass.
Inside of this shield there are only the amazing GNSS receiver and the transformer that make the system able to work with AC or photovoltaic panels. This means make it simple!

The best friend for railway monitoring

Where HAPPY COLIBRI is unique, is for railway monitoring. Thanks its small size, it is possible to install the sensor right under the train and monitor any movements, making it possible to reach places where no other systems can go.