Frequently Asked Questions

HAPPY to answer your questions

We developed a unique solution to face any situation. Horizontal and vertical shifts, detected with millimetric accuracy, are available online and in real-time on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Using a simple XML request, the unique algorithm developed by HAPPY MONITORING, calculates the results without any kind of post-processing:

Specific Business sector

All the sensors already installed, such as scanner, radar, automatic tachymeter, inclinometer, extensometer etc are always instruments which can only measure at relatively short distances. In addition, these instruments require visual contact (visibility between the instrument and the objector site or infrastructure to be measured). No hidden points can be measured. In bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, high humidity or fog they do not work or only work to a limited extent.
Our system works over very long distances, without visual contact, in all weather conditions and with a high 3D accuracy.

No specialists need for calculation and alarmsystem. We can go fare away with the base station without loosing precision.

With our high precision 3D measurements we can give an alarm not only for horizontal displacements but also for vertical displacements.

Rail surveying (monitoring) possible as with total station but the fixed points can be far away, no line of sight necessary, height highly precise.

HAPPY MONITORING can work 365, 24/24 without influence of weatherconditions. The smallest displacements in horizontal and vertical can be detected.

Long distance, 3D monitoring in mm precision possible. Unique system with this caracteristics. No specialists for calculations needed. Unique results per point. With other systems it depends on the calculation parameters, used by the specialist, and the result can change from calculation to calculation.

Vulcanes are sensible on vertical displacements, that we can detect on long distances.

Technical answers

No registration of raw-data and postprocessing in the office. We register direct coordinates.

We calculate the point coordinates on the sensor.

A < cm accuracy is possible even under difficult environmental conditions even with a GNSS-VRS service (ex. SWIPOS). Using a HAPPY BASE with a baseline distance of less than 3 km, the accuracy of the position become double and the accuracy of the altitude improves by a factor of 3 (see Railway Monitoring data).

Plug and Play = 2 minutes (when pole and power is existing).

GNSS is an umbrella term that encompasses all global satellite positioning systems. This includes constellations of satellites orbiting over the earth’s surface and continuously transmitting signals that enable users to determine their position.
The GPS, or Global Positioning System, is just one of the different sets of satellites that can provide such data, as Galileo, Beidou-B3 or Glonass.

All calculation processes are designed to work within a Web platform and are accessible via your application or Web.

Calculation of raw-data (signal information of the satellites) using a special software.

Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol: Ntrip stands for an application-level protocol for streaming Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data over the Internet.
It is a generic, stateless protocol based on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP/1.1. The HTTP objects are enhanced to GNSS data streams. Ntrip is an RTCM standard designed for disseminating differential correction data (e.g in the RTCM-104 format) or other kinds of GNSS streaming data to stationary or mobile users over the Internet, allowing simultaneous PC, Laptop, PDA, or receiver connections to a broadcasting host. It supports wireless Internet access through Mobile IP Networks like GSM, GPRS, EDGE, or UMTS.
Ntrip is implemented in three system software components: NtripClients, NtripServers and NtripCasters. The NtripCaster is the actual HTTP server program whereas NtripClient and NtripServer are acting as HTTP clients.

All NTRIP Caster, Client, Servers are for connection between base and rover.

Eagle-Server is the link to connect the base with the rover.

Server, where all point coordinates are saved (every 5 second).

Server, where the unique result of a point will be calculated, using the coordinates in the data-server.

International standard language for server requests. Used for automatic online calculation of point. Helps for simple integration of HAPPY MONITORING into existing Web-Portals.

Internet connection. The customers can easily provide the Internet via satellite.

the coordinates are transmitted by TCP/IP on the destination server. With the unique port ID this port can be open only for HAPPY MONITORING data’s. No other data can enter into the server.

Yes as well through satellite connection even in the middle of Amazonia.

We use Linux, an open source operating system.

Yes, the system’s weather independence ensures permanent operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A power supply 12 V is necessary .Thanks to the low energy consumption, the sensors can also be operated with a photovoltaic system.

Critical changes in the measured values are recorded and evaluated speedily and, if the limit values are exceeded, an alarm message is immediately sent to the relevant authorities. This guarantees full security.

Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR; German Radar Interferometry) is a method of SAR interferometry for using phase differences to determine the reception strength of signals coming back from the terrain with two antennas arranged side by side. From these phase differences object heights of the terrain topography and thus digital terrain models can be processed by complex arithmetic operations.
Fields of application of radar interferometry are the detection of changes in the earth’s surface in the mm and cm range (glaciers, volcanism, landslides, earthquakes, mining subsidence, etc.) as well as the measurement of ocean currents.

InSAR can not be used for permanent monitoring 365, 24/24. HAPPY MONITORING is a complement to InSAR radar measurements. HAPPY MONITORING is used where it slips or control points for SAR measurements, always independent of weather conditions.

Sales forces

Vertical precision, simple, no specialists needed, flexibility, price target.

The company HAPPY MONITORING exists since this year, whereby HAPPY MONITORING was separated from HAPPY SURVEY, which exists since 5 years and which is developing this solution since 5 years. From this year on, HAPPY SURVEY only works in Switzerland and HAPPY MONITORING worldwide.

Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand.

We have the best price/performance value on the high precision market.

To be able to offer a 360° full service to the customer including the graphical presentation of the results of the monitoring, we decided to create the HAPPY HELIOS where our customers find a complete online application for themselves, easy and fast. If the geo portal is known in the monitoring sector, there are only few sensor providers with their own portal.

In the project business we will have different follow-up scenarios provide by HAPPY MONITORING. We provide a complete service from the inspection, to the design, to the installation, the portal and assistance.

The systems are so flexible, that we can cover all applications with only two solutions.

HAPPY HAWK is a complete instrument, ready to monitor in every condition, every where, mining site, landslide, motorways, or building. The instrument and its case are completely waterproof and dustproof. And you don’t need a separate connection thanks to the option of working with a solar panel and a mobile connection. It can send you information from anywhere.

The best friend for Railway monitoring:
HAPPY COLIBRI is a lightweight and compact real-time monitoring system that can be installed in a minute. It is suitable for emergency monitoring due to the possibility of installing an alarm and can work via 230V or photovoltaic panels. It is equipped with a multi-frequency receiver with integrated GPRS and can use corrections from HAPPY BASE for maximum accuracy. In only 24h it is possible to get 1,5mm horizontal accuracy and 2,5mm vertical accuracy.