Successful kick-off for the installation of over 1000 GNSS HAPPY MONITORING sensors in Indonesia

19 April 20241 Minutes

This year marked a significant milestone for the City Subsidence Monitoring Project in Indonesia, beginning with the successful installation of the first 20 HAPPY HAWK sensors by our local partner, Geoprima Solusi. We are excited to announce the upcoming installation of an additional 20 sensors in June 2024. This initiative is set to expand, aiming to establish a nationwide network of over 1,000 GNSS HAPPY MONITORING sensors in the coming years.

Our project has already garnered positive attention from government officials, largely due to the unique altimetric accuracy offered by HAPPY MONITORING technology. This precision is crucial for effectively addressing security issues and proactively managing risks.

We are proud to contribute to this major initiative, which will significantly enhance public safety and infrastructure management across Indonesia. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our efforts and achieve new milestones in this critical project.