We anticipate the risks.
Three examples of monitoring

20 January 20216 Minutes

For the new year 2021, all of us at HAPPY MONITORING wish you renewed energy and health. We are happy to share with you our new projects worldwide, each month during the coming months.

Hochvogel peak in Europe under control

Anticipate the risk is fundamental for HAPPY MONITORING.

We are an expert team in real-time 3D monitoring, and we help governments and companies to prevent accidents. The HAPPY MONITORING system allows users to calculate the coordinates of the measured point regardless of the GNSS system (GPS and/or GLONASS and/or GALILEO and/or BEIDOU).

HAPPY MONITORING implementation – Hochvogel peak – Archives: HAPPY MONITORING

The data thus collected is automatically stored on a server in Switzerland or on the territory of the monitoring. This information can be consulted on the Internet in a personal space ordered by an XLM request. An application allows you to view the results in real time and create an interactive report with the summary of the measurements in graphical form. No scientific software is needed for calculation.

Anticipating risk is fundamental for us. In partnership with the Technical University of Munich, our team is monitoring the volatile “Hochvogel” peak.

“Hochvogel”, perched at 2592m, is a peak in the Allgäu Alps that is threatening to separate, and its 260,000 cubic meters of rock and rubble could fall into the valley. The national border between Germany and Austria passes over the summit, but the southern summit area is in danger of collapsing, “it’s only a matter of time,” according to Professor Michael Krautblatter of the University.

HAPPY MONITORING, partner of AlpSenseRely

HAPPY MONITORING is one of the collaborative partners of a reference study developed by the Technical University of Munich, AlpSenseRely which is a three-year reference study in four Alpine regions (Bavaria, Tyrol, Salzburg, and South Tyrol) focused on the reliability and potential of high availability early warning systems for remote sensing of natural hazards in Alpine areas particularly sensitive to climate change. The objective is to make an important contribution to risk reduction and due to its preventive character, to the reduction of costs of climate-related natural hazards. AlpSenseRely is focused on the anticipation of risks and alert processes in the working environment of infrastructures in real time.


HAPPY MONITORING has already been used on the Hochvogel since October 2020. So far it has proven to be very reliable and can deliver excellent results despite the many difficult circumstances: on the one hand, the altitude difference between base (in the valley) and rovers of almost 1500m with a baseline length of <5km and on the other hand the climatically unfavorable situation on the mountain (thunderstorms, temperatures).

Saint-Moritz, the Alpine holiday destination, under climate change influence

In the region of St. Moritz, landslides, rock falls and permafrost activities are widespread. Due to climate change, HAPPY MONITORING system is monitoring the city since November 2020. The system is ordered and maintained by Geo Grischa AG, supplier of engineers and geometricians of St. Moritz commune.

“We have 3 points of monitoring on the north part of the city center, one on the East and West side of the City center of Saint-Moritz” explains René Schnider, Sales and Technical Director.

HAPPY MONITORING implementation – St. Moritz city – Archives: HAPPY MONITORING

HAPPY MONITORING achieves a precision of +/-1mm in daily measurements. Under strong snowfalls, the precision is +/-2.5mm in a daytime. This is the first time in years that the region has sought to monitor the effects of climate change and that very high-precision measurements are being taken. As René Schnider reminds us,” no other technology exists which can monitor with this precision a landslide like this. With the extreme weather conditions (heavy snowfalls) in the high mountains, other systems simply can’t measure”.

In a mid-term period, these measures will help the city to anticipate the risks for the population but any infrastructure


HAPPY MONITORING has been in the Asian market for more than two years. In 2020 YSF Corporation Ltd installed 13 HAPPY MONITORING Sensors on the Kai Tak Bridge. After the successful installation in 2021 the company has installed 6 sensors on a building in Hong Kong / Trunk Road under which a tunnel is being built. The responsible engineers from CEDD (Civil Engineering and Development Department) have asked our local partner, YSF Corporation Ltd for support to monitor the building.

HAPPY MONITORING system – Hong Kong – Archives: YSF Corporation Ltd

HAPPY MONITORING is controlling this construction site and must provide +/-1mm data 24 hours a day. The HAPPY MONITORING solution allows engineers to measure the impact of the tunnel construction in the underground on the building with millimeter accuracy, especially subsidence. The results will be available very soon.