The amazing HAPPY COLIBRI. Small, fast, accurate, complete!

21 April 20212 Minutes

HAPPY MONITORING’s vision is to offer the most innovative global solution to prevent people from any potential risks. Innovation is in our DNA, and we are constantly seeking to improve our solution to achieve ever more accurate results.

Working in this voice of innovation, we present the replacement of our HAPPY EIDER with the incredible HAPPY COLIBRI, a sensor integrating all the necessary components to obtain results never seen before!

Where does the name “Colibri” come from?

The Hummingbird “colibri” is the bird of all records. Despite its small size, it develops very fast wing movements and is capable of impressive speed peaks. It can even fly backwards, an ability that it is the only one to possess. HAPPY COLIBRI looks so much like him. Small but very efficient and just as impressive as the hummingbird. HAPPY COLIBRI is 17,5 cm height, and thanks to its integrated GPRS and a backup internal battery, HAPPY COLIBRI represents a complete solution ideal for those seeking maximum reliability.

Our Technical Director, René Schnider explains us: “This means a more reliable system, less energy consumption, more precision on medium and long distances when we compare it with HAPPY EIDER”. But where does this improvement in measurement quality come from? René adds: “This new sensor is able to work with 432 channels on all frequencies, including BeiDou-B3”. Every movement is therefore detected, measured, and communicated by HAPPY MONITORING in order to anticipate the risk and avoid an impact on the population or on the infrastructures.

Finally, HAPPY COLIBRI is the best friend for railway monitoring. It is perfect because of its small size, making possible to install the sensor right under the train and to monitor any movements.

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