HAPPY MONITORING lands in Austria with a new data center

2 November 20211 Minutes

HAPPY MONITORING is HAPPY to announce the opening of a new data center, for Austria. With the opening of a new project dedicated to the monitoring of a mountain range, we decided to be even closer to our customers.

This is our sixth data center and joins those already available for Switzerland, France, Germany, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

A service such as the one offered by HAPPY MONITORING is essential to be as physically close as possible to the projects. Greater proximity means shorter response time. A shorter response time means a better user experience and a truly real-time service, without the lag that would result from the need to send data to a far data center.

In addition, a local data center means there is no need to share potentially sensitive data with foreign countries, ensuring maximum security and respect for privacy. The adoption of multiple data centers, scattered around the globe, also allows a granularity of data, avoiding that a possible failure of a server compromises the data of all projects in place.