HAPPY MONITORING is be part of the Intergeo Conference 23 in Berlin

11 September 20231 Minutes

HAPPY MONITORING will be able to promote the most innovative solution in geomonitoring by attending the Intergeo Conference 2023, in Germany, Berlin from the 10 to 12 October.
Indeed, the future is bright, as the importance of geoinformation has grown significantly in recent years and continues to grow in the future as a tool to save lives as well as infrastructure. We, as HAPPY MONITORING, are the most innovative global solution to prevent people from any potential risks caused by the environment, creating long-term added value through permanent monitoring and prevention. In that frame, we follow the concept “Inspiration for a smarter world” promoted by the conference.

Geoinformation is of crucial importance, particularly in the areas of urban planning, disaster preparedness, environmental protection and energy efficiency. Global challenges such as the climate crisis, urbanization and securing resources can only be addressed with the help of geospatial data. HAPPY MONITORING provides an innovative solution which will be unveiled during this conference. We will come back with new project very soon.

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