HAPPY MONITORING in Zermatt. Our HAPPY COLIBRI at 1700m high!

13 July 20221 Minutes

Zermatt is a village whose name is closely linked to one of the most famous mountains in the world, the Matterhorn.

The municipal administration Zermatt attaches great importance to sustainable development. The City of energy has also asked HAPPY MONITORING to help in the management of natural disasters.

Our HAPPY COLIBRI is installed in Ried-Zermatt since June 5th at 1700m altitude, for a short distance monitoring, with a base line at 2,2 km. The objective is to detect small movements of 1 to 2 mm per year. We are talking about very high precision for maximum reliability.

We remind that this new sensor of HAPPY COLIBRI is able to work with BeiDou-B3. This new functionality guarantees the use of about 12 additional satellites at any given time.

In the future, we hope to be able to make benefit from the precision provided by HAPPY COLIBRI in order to anticipate the risks of landslides, in this very touristic region, that is Zermatt.