HAPPY HAWK, new ambition into the future!

7 February 20221 Minutes

How to start a new year with ambition? It is very simple for us because our vision is to be the most innovative global solution to prevent people from any potential risks caused by the environment, creating long-term added value through permanent monitoring and prevention.
We want to move into the future, and we are doing it with our new HAPPY HAWK presenting the newest technology for best data quality under difficult conditions.

With its stylish and ingenious design, a white shell, a light weight of 850gr, a low power consumption of about 3.5 Watt, but an internal battery for over 15 hours, HAPPY HAWK will surprise you, being ready for Glonass L5 signals.
It remains without any doubt a high precision sensor, certified IP67 for a great resistance to extreme conditions and having an integrated GPRS module.
To finish its high precision, unthinkable becomes feasible with a maximal horizontal precision of 1mm and a vertical precision of 2mm.
A solution not to be missed to monitor all possible movements.