HAPPY HAWK 2023, a new version for a safer future!

20 April 20231 Minutes

Our vision is to be the most innovative global solution to prevent people from any potential risk caused by the environment, such as landslide areas or any movement on any structure, by creating long-term added value through permanent monitoring and prevention.

HAPPY HAWK remains the best GNSS monitoring system on the market. It is the most accurate real-time monitoring system, IP67certified, ideal for the most extreme weather conditions, a concentrate of the latest technology that will give incredible accuracy even on mining sites, dams or road construction.

It is equipped with a multi-frequency receiver with integrated GPRS and can use HAPPY BASE corrections for maximum accuracy, anywhere and anytime. Thanks to the new atmosphere filter, the sensor obtains a better and stable signal, even inside cities with high buildings.

Thus, in just 24 hours, the unthinkable becomes possible with a horizontal accuracy of 1 mm and a vertical accuracy of 2 mm.

The last innovation is about HAPPY HAWK housing made of resistant fiberglass, which is much more robust, waterproof and dustproof.Inside this shield, there is only the incredible GNSS receiver and the transformer that allows the system to operate with AC power or photovoltaic panels. The excellence close to hand!

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