HAPPY COLIBRI 2023, efficiency in all circumstances for an optimal and intelligent monitoring!

11 April 20232 Minutes

HAPPY MONITORING has always focused on the innovation to improve the monitoring and to anticipate the risks anywhere, where we thought it would not be possible. With its HAPPY COLIBRI, new version, apart from the new box, the improvement of the precisions is incomparable.

HAPPY COLIBRI is a light and compact real-time monitoring system that can be installed in a minute. It is suitable for emergency monitoring thanks to the possibility of installing an alarm and can operate via 230V or photovoltaic panels.

With its multi-frequency receiver with integrated GPRS, HAPPY COLIBRI works anywhere, it doesn’t need any infrastructure and can send data at any time, with a very low energy consumption, without battery problems. Thus, it uses the corrections of HAPPY BASE for a maximum precision. In just 24 hours, it achieves a horizontal accuracy of 1.5 mm and a vertical accuracy of 2.5 mm. This new sensor of HAPPY COLIBRI can reach 1408 channels. This means better signal quality for more stable work operations and better accuracy.

Another improvement of HAPPY COLIBRI is its new housing. After a few years of research, we developed a robust structure to protect the monitoring system: a water and dust proof housing made of durable fiberglass. Inside this shield, there is only the incredible GNSS receiver and the transformer that allows the system to run on AC power or photovoltaic panels.

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