A new portal for HAPPY MONITORING: changes your life!

16 March 20211 Minutes

The first question we asked ourselves was how we can provide our customer a single access point to information. Our engineer brought the answer. To be able to offer a 360° full service to the customer including the graphical presentation of the results of the monitoring, we decided to create the HAPPY MONITORING PORTAL where our customers find a complete online application for themselves, easy and fast.

How does it work?

“We define with the customer the points, images, measurement rhythms to be inserted into the portal. Then the customer receives a link to the final portal web page. The alarm system can be also controlled in it. Finally a tool to have it all in one!”, explained René Schnider, Technical and Sales Director.
HAPPY MONITORING has already many customers using the tool to manage their own data. If the geo portal is known in the monitoring sector, there are only few sensor providers with their own portal.
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