The easiest monitoring

With HAPPY EIDER, monitoring has become easy and user friendly. The set-up only requires a few minutes.


HAPPY EIDER is so small and light that you can put it almost anywhere. The entire system is only 10 cm long for 1,4 kg.


Thanks to its great quality, HAPPY EIDER can also work in hard conditions. The sensor is certificated IP67 and the case works like a hard shell.


When we say that it is the "easiest monitoring system" it is because HAPPY EIDER is easy to install. In fact, when you set it up on the site, all you will have to do is click Start. That's all!

So small, so lightweight

HAPPY EIDER is a lightweight and compact real-time monitoring system that can be installed in a minute. It is suitable for emergency monitoring due to the possibility of installing an alarm. It is of course a cloud-based system that can work via 230V or photovoltaic panels. It is equipped with a multi-frequency receiver and external hotspot and can use corrections from VRS and HAPPY BASE for maximum accuracy. In only 24h it is possible to get 1,5mm horizontal accuracy and 2,5mm vertical accuracy.

The best friend for railway monitoring

Where HAPPY EIDER is unique, is for railway monitoring. Because it is so small, it is possible to install the sensor right under the train and to monitor any movements.